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                                                     "All Your Life"                                                 

                                                       Youtube ©1997

                               Dub Blune was an English songwriter/Guitar Player

After several decades of faffing about, coupled with a perpetual chronic lack of funds, he finally managed to record some of his songs around 2014.
A studio was booked and a selection of session players and musicians from the live circuit were recruited.
Two songs were recorded on Reel to Reel and follow up sessions saw the songs virtually completed....

Cue the Studio Owner doing a moonlight flit with the tapes and the money

A few months later and eleven songs were recorded and the album, "Dub Blune & Band"
was released in 2017 on the Pollydoc label.

These were always described as demo recordings and the few pressings were used to promote the songs to other artists to cover.

The album has been well received in the Phillipines apparently so a big hello to them from rain lashed Blighty

A follow up collection of songs, "Oh Well, Life Goes On" is scheduled for release late 2019
and is a selection of songs from 1974 to 2019 performed on two Supper Club
evenings, one on guitar and the other on piano.
These are studio and home recordings via Pollydoc of the songs performed.

Dub Blune became filmmaker Gol Gotha in 2018 









                                                  " Oh Well. Life Goes On" **

                                         Release Date 22nd November 2019





                                            Dub Blune & Band Album*

                                               Released 2nd June 2017























































* "Dub Blune & Band" Elephant Sculpture Cover by David Hayes Studio © 1980

    Photographed by Richard Mummery  © 1980     

** Oh Well, Life Goes On cover © Hilda F  1978

     Dub Blune photo © 1997 




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