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                    Dub Blune - English Songwriter & Guitar Player


Growing up in the England of steam trains, green fields, circuses, brass bands in the park, then came the Beatles followed by the great rock shows, with tickets at one pound in the early days.


Lucky really


Below are some of the shows I caught:


      "If there was a better time, it doesn't spring to mind"

Victor Borge - Manchester 1966  American - Danish Concert Pianist/ Humourist.  A unique and unforgettable character.

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother Tour
December 20th 1970 Free Trade Hall Manchester

Johnny Winter And
Monday 15th February 1971  Free Trade Hall Manchester

Deep Purple
Friday 19th February 1971 Belle Vue  Manchester

The Rolling Stones
Friday 5th March 1971 Free Trade Hall Manchester

John Mayall & Band
8th March 1971  Free Trade Hall Manchester

Led Zeppelin - Back to the Clubs tour
March 19th 1971 Union Building Manchester

The Weeley Pop Festival August 27-29th 1971
Rod Stewart & The Faces/T.Rex/Rory Gallagher/Al Stewart etc etc

The Who - Who's Next Tour
The Odeon Manchester Thursday October 28th 1971

Led Zeppelin
Free Trade Hall Wednesday 24th November 1971

Led Zeppelin
Belle Vue Manchester 30th November 1971

Black Sabbath
Free Trade Hall Manchester February 4th 1972

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust Tour
The Hard Rock Opening Night Manchester
Saturday September 2nd 1972

Paul McCartney & Wings
The Hard Rock Manchester May 16th 1973

Tangerine Dream
Manchester Free Trade Hall 4th November 1974

Little Feat - Featuring Tower Of Power
Manchester Free Trade Hall  June 15th 1975

Hall and Oates
Free Trade Hall Manchester May 20th 1976

Todd Rundgren & Utopia - RA Tour
Salford University  Jan 29th 1977

Barry White
Manchester 1977  V.I.P pass courtesy of Pye Records

Bob Dylan
Earls Court London Fri 16th June 1978 & Sat 17th June 1978

Blackbushe Music Festival
Bob Dylan/Eric Clapton/Graham Parker/Joan Armatrading
15th July 1978

Dire Straits - Communique Tour
Apollo Manchester 15th June 1979

Fleetwood Mac/The Christians
Maine Road Manchester Tuesday 28th June 1988

Jethro Tull
ABC Manchester 24th September 1989

Bob Dylan Odeon Hammersmith London
7th February 1993

Bob Dylan Apollo Manchester
Tuesday 4th April 1995

Bob Dylan/Eric Clapton/The Who - Masters Of Music Concert
Hyde Park London  Saturday 29th June 1996

Bob Dylan/Van Morrison
Nynex Manchester
Thursday 25th June 1998

John Prine  Bridgewater Hall Manchester
October 30th 2000

Paul McCartney - Back In The World Tour
M.E.N Arena Manchester  April 9th 2003

Bob Dylan
M.E.N Arena Manchester Wednesday 26th November 2005

Bob Dylan Echo Arena Liverpool
Friday May 1st 2009

Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band  June 22, 2011

Opera House, Manchester




So that was pretty good, seeing Led Zeppelin at full power from ten feet away aged 17 was something that would stay with you. There were many shows I would have loved to have seen but was too young, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Motown Tour, Howling Wolf etc etc.

Anyway, the early Seventies I set off for London with a guitar and a handful of songs (of variable quality) so that was a sobering experience, the record companies had burly doormen to keep people like me out and at the few places I found to play it was either playing unknown songs to a sea of blank faces (and not getting paid) or playing covers but what was the point of that...

Some of the publishers liked my work, "your songs are prophetic", that's what it sounded like they said anyway....

Well that nightmare quickly came to an end and I found myself in Snowdonia for a couple of years, I decided then to just pursue songwriting, not to be the "artiste", writing for myself rather than for commercial purposes, not having to write songs to order or, even worse, having some hotshot producer putting their, "signature snare sound" all over my songs.

Music was always our, "special friend"  back then and I resolved to keep it that way, the only thing in the world that was truly mine.

So time went by, I played piano in restaurants and cafes sometimes, played bass in some combos (on the same bill as wartime veteran Arthur Askey one night) and playing guitar in rock bands (getting paid off at a Working Mans Club before we'd even finished tuning up most memorably, ("Sorry Lads. it's er, not for us...").


       Bass Player in 1976


Then 1980 delivered the hammer blows, Peter Sellers, John Bonham and John Lennon all gone, i didn't write anything or play anywhere for a long time after that, the end of an era.


Imagine Mosaic, Central Park, N.Y.C 


Finally in 2015 with some small savings and some local musicians I managed to record some of my songs from 1978 to 1993 but I'd left it too late and was unable to
complete or master the recordings before the time and the money ran out.

Pollydoc Music signed me for a publishing deal and the eleven songs on "Dub Blune & Band" and the eleven songs on the forthcoming release of, "Oh Well, Life Goes On" complete that deal. 

The songs on, "Oh Well, Life Goes On" are from two Supper Club dates in 2019, twenty minute performances, one with guitar and one with piano, featuring songs from my back catalogue. The earliest song, "Foolish" from 1974 was one of the songs I touted around London in the early days and the closing song, "Your Nemesis Will" was written in early 2019, just prior to the Supper Club dates, small shows, no amplification, just the direct connection to the audience and the wonderful power of live music as it always was in days gone by.

And that's about it, films to accompany the songs from both albums are in process and links will appear here at some point.

Thanks to all at Pollydoc Music and all the folks I've met along the way, to quote Woody Guthrie:


                            So long, it's been good to know you 




             Dub Blune 2016

                     © Pollydoc 2016


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